Tips For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is still the best form of marketing tool an entrepreneur can use. It can garner attention, increase sales and more importantly build a loyal customer base when properly executed. There are some walls we must get around along the way, however. These include spam filters, our own impatience and setting ourselves apart from others who are scheming to make a fast buck while destroying the public’s trust in this form of contact. If you follow these suggestions, you are assured that your emails will get noticed and more than likely, generate enough interest to increase your revenue by a small percentage, making the time and effort worthwhile.

The subject line is what captures the attention of the recipient and on the opposite end of the spectrum, triggers spam filters. Use a relevant, honest and thought provoking subject line to get them to open the email for further information. Stay away from the spam words that set off the red flashing lights that dump your message in the trash bin. These words are pretty much well-known at this point despite attempts by some to use them anyway. If you are unsure of these words, simply look in your own spam folder and you will understand quickly how not to fill out the subject line. You want them interested and looking for more information and this is the first thing they see, so keep it professional and interesting.

Do not spam recipients on your email list everyday. Unless you have account settings for each person where they request emails daily, refrain from doing this. They will simply create a filter specifically for you and will never see your emails again. Legitimate business promoters do not spam their clients as it leads to them opting out of the list, never to be seen again. Try and hit them every three days so they have some time to think about it with each email being more attractive to them as far as what your product or service can do to change their lives.

You want them to desire the product when they read the email, but you need them to visit the site. This is why the emails need to be teasing and attractive to the consumer. They need more than “hey, buy now for a discount”. Tell them why the product is ideal for them, not just what the product is. People do not want to think about how this will help them, you have to tell them and then guide them to it. If they choose to visit the site, odds are good that you will make the sale.

Security and privacy are a big concern with the public, and let’s be honest, as you do not want to waste your time. Make sure that the recipient has a fast and easy way to opt of your marketing campaign.

These suggestions, and remembering the customer when it comes to not being annoying and pushy, will go along way in your success. Creativity is what lures them in and how a product benefits them is where you get the sale, leaving you with stellar results from your email marketing campaign.

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