How to Effectively Use Email Marketing During the Holidays

The holiday season brings a lot of joy to many people, but none more so than business owners; after all, consumers are ready and willing to shop, and it is often the busiest time of year for both brick and mortar stores and online shops. If you want to take your sales to the next level, email marketing can help. It is way to let customers know of any deals or discounts you are offering, and you can encourage them to visit your site at the same time. Still there are a few tricks involved in the process. Read on for additional information.

Map out a plan ahead of time

Look over the calendar in September or October, and think about when you want to get your emails out. Pencil those dates in on the calendar and then make sure you follow through with your plans. Having a schedule set up means that you will be much more prepared for what is coming and less likely to simply try and throw an email together at the last minute. Your emails will be more professional and informative as a result, and you are likely to get a better return for your time. While Christmas is one of the most obvious holidays to target, don’t forget about Black Friday, Hanukkah and New Year ‘s Day.

Don’t forget about social media

Along with sending out emails to let customers know of your sales and special events, you should also update your social media pages with the information as well. The big four are Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. Put up pictures, links and other information related to what you are doing. Often, you can simply cut and paste information that you have already created to go into your emails. And, don’t forget to put in a little plug for these social media pages at the bottom of the messages that you are sending to your customers’ inboxes.

Pay attention to content

If you are going to get people’s attention, you can’t seem too much like a salesperson. Give people information that they need and are interested in. While the design of your email is also important, because it is the first thing that people will notice, you don’t want them to be disappointed when they actually read the information that you sent to them.

Institute a shock and awe campaign

Give customers what they want at the holidays: discounts and deals! Now is the time to go all out. You have probably offered your subscribers coupons and other incentives in the past. You want to try and go above and beyond those efforts if possible. Free shipping is always a great idea, as is a percent off of the customer’s total sale. However, make sure that you can afford to do what you offer to your fan base. Pre-planning is essential for this tip.

Email marketing at the holidays is essential. Use the tips included in this article to help you get a jump on your competition and make the holiday season your busiest time of the year!

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