Five Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

If you use email marketing to promote your products, it is in your best interest to focus on using strategies that are efficient. You should read this article to learn more about common mistakes to avoid.

Be careful about sending emails at times where recipients are likely to be online. Avoid sending emails outside of regular work hours and send your newsletter or email alert just before lunch break if possible so recipients have some free time to check your email. Keep in mind that your customers might be away from their computer during the weekend. Avoid sending emails too frequently so recipients do not become annoyed or have a hard time catching up on your email updates.

The subject line of your emails is very important. Your campaign could fail if you do not take the time to come up with a good title for your emails. Some words can trigger spam filters; make sure you include strong keywords in your subject line and avoid expressions that would make your email look like an ad. Most email marketing software will allow you to personalize the emails you send by including the name of the recipient in the subject line.

Make sure your emails will be properly displayed. Your email marketing software should give you the option to create a template for the emails you send, but make sure you use HTML for this template. Test your emails under different browsers and devices to make sure they are displayed correctly and keep the template as simple as possible. A basic color pattern is enough to make your email look appealing and professional.

Do not send out emails that are too long or lack valuable content. The goal of your email updates is to draw attention to a product and generate enough interest to get the recipient to click on a link and visit your website. Share only the first few paragraphs of the articles you include in your newsletter and generate interest for a product by sharing a picture or the product along with detailed information on the discount you are offering.

Make sure your emails include a link people can follow to unsubscribe from your updates. You should be able to generate these links thanks to your email marketing software. Keep track of how many people unsubscribe from your updates and review the content you sent them before they unsubscribe. If a lot of recipients opt out of your campaign, you should rethink the kind of content you share. Keep in mind that a lot of subscribers will not opt out but choose to ignore your emails. Find software that will give you access to detailed numbers to help you assess how many recipients open the emails you send.

Avoid these mistakes and choose strategies adapted to your target audience. If you are not sure how to build an efficient campaign, have your customers answer to surveys and get feedback from them to make sure you are providing them with content they consider as valuable.

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