Email Marketing For A Single Event Or Product

In an effort to maximize your revenue from your existing customer base and those who have opted into receiving your emails, you’ll likely try a variety of different styles. Use the suggestions below for confining your emails to a specific event or product and yielding better results for your business.

Spend a lot of time on the subject line of your emails. In many instances this will be your single best opportunity to get your customers’ attention. If you’re choosing to use email to encourage a purchase of a particular item for your email list, include a quality photograph and product description.

Remember to include in your email marketing accurate price information and the reason you’re announcing the product through email rather than simply placing an ad on your website or other social sites such as a limited quantity or a discount for email subscribers.

Your emails should always include the dates of when the offer begins and ends, preferably as one of the first lines of your email. In addition to indicating a good respect for your readers’ time, people who scan emails will be more likely to participate in an offer that they know ends on some definite date.

Don’t send repetitive emails indicating a countdown to the deadline for an event or the offering of a product. Most consumers are flooded with this type of advertising that notifies them of their “last chance” and whether it’s true or not they assume that another sale is right around the corner.

Consider incorporating tips and tricks into your email marketing about a specific product or event. Whether you give shortcuts or tips on how to use the product or address frequently asked questions about the product such as how to care for or clean the product, including useful tips is a good way to provide valuable information to your email audience.

Don’t use email where other types of media would work better. While long emails are problematic for a variety of reasons, if you find that you have very little to say, consider using a Twitter account or a posting on Facebook for your announcement. If your email content is accessible through a mobile device or on your website, provide immediate access to those options through icons that appear at the top of your email.

Avoid using words like, “The best,” to describe any single product or event and instead use words that provide the customer with information such as, “most popular,” or describing the results of a survey that gave the product four out of five stars.

Avoid using superlatives in describing your offers because while it’s tempting to use superlatives like, “The best,” it discourages shoppers from looking at your other offerings that are similar because by your own words they would be less than “the best.”

Focusing on your email marketing efforts on a specific event or product can help increase your sales through more effective communication with customers. Use the suggestions above to market a single or product or event in email in a way that will get you good results.

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