Email Marketing And Legitimizing Your Campaign In The Eyes Of Recipients

Perception in email marketing is the life or death of your campaign. We have all been spammed with ridiculous attempts at email marketing and know the minute we see them pop up that they are simply con artists looking for a fast buck. This is the perception you have to overcome and it takes more than limiting keywords or selecting the correct phrases to get past email filters. It means that your emails need to appear as legitimate as your business truly is. This article will push you over that hump to generate real interest in not only your offerings but your business as a whole.

Don’t use the hard sale in your email marketing nor should you use and tricks and gimmicks to get them to buy as it will only leave you sitting in the recycle bin. There is nothing wrong with offering services or products at reduced prices on a dead line as even large department stores do this. There is nothing wrong with offering a bonus gift if they buy now. There is something wrong with threats, condescending language and other pathetic tactics. Make them believe you are offering them a one time deal but don’t appear desperate as they should burden the feelings of I have to buy this now.

Always be honest and professional. The days of hook and crook are long gone as that well has been visited far too often. Let them know who you are, don’t mislead them and when they see full transparency in your emails, they will trust you and purchase or remain interested in other offerings. Don’t push affiliate products that you yourself haven’t tried or don’t believe in as this only makes you look bad when they find out the truth. Point out the negatives if any but focus on the positives and how the offer will affect their lives immediately.

Nothing is worse than seeing email addresses that do not match. It’s the first sigh of a scam or someone who isn’t professional. Emails are easy to get and dedicating one per campaign for sending and receiving will go along way in public trust. Many ISP’s have also picked up on this little trick and will not deliver emails set up this way. Unfortunately many businesses have suffered for this and you do not want to be one of them.

People want to see an easy way to opt out of emails. They most likely will not do so but they are comforted in doing this. Be legit with this as many have set up bogus links and word gets around fast, burying you and your business as a scam. Why would you want those on the list that aren’t interested anyway?

We all know our businesses are credible and legitimate however a few bad apples have left suspicion on recipients. It is our duty to show them we are exactly whop we say we are and the offer is beneficial to them and their way of life. Be honest in your offerings’ description and you will soon see an increase in interest and revenue on all of your campaigns.

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