Create an Email Marketing Diary to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

Instead of waiting to see whether you like the results achieved from the emails you send out to customers, take charge of your email marketing by refining your email composition skills. Use the suggestions below for creating an email marketing diary to help promote your business.

Keep copies of every email you open because its subject line caught your attention. Add contemporaneous notes of why you opened a particular file, for instance whether it was the use of your name or because the subject line advertised a sale you’ve been waiting for. Spend some time and really drill down on what appealed to you about the subject line since this will help you to achieve the desired goals from your own subject lines in emails you send out.

Keep copies of emails that include wording you like. Just as in the case of emails you retain in your subject line retention folder, you’ll spend some time trying to further deconstruct the elements of the email wording that appealed to you and jot down contemporaneous notes to accompany the file.

Sort through emails you retain that address different subjects that you use for your email marketing materials such as sales, discounts or clearance events in order to save time when you’re composing your own email marketing materials.

Your email marketing diary should also include a “worst” email category, subject lines or styles, or even phrases that you want to avoid all the time in your email marketing materials. This category can also include emails from marketers that you’re getting too frequently.

Even if you hire someone else to compose your email marketing materials, you should always refer to your email marketing diary to make certain that the content going out conforms to what you’ve learned from reading other email marketing materials.

Keep copies of all email marketing materials you send out and review them at least twice a year against the success of a particular event you marketed through such materials or other metrics you examine them against. Rank the success of your emails based on the success they achieved according to a particular metric.

Make sure you consider other factors that could have contributed to a particular email’s marketing success so that you don’t attribute an email’s success to your composition if there are other obvious reasons it worked such as offering an unusually high discount.

Determine whether you can come up with a basic list of preferred language, things to avoid and other tips to help shorten the time it takes you to compose future email marketing materials that meet the standards you establish with your email diary.

Creating a diary of email marketing materials you like and don’t like with accompanying notes about why you like or don’t like them can reduce the time you spend on composing email marketing materials for your business. Use the suggestions above for creating an email marketing diary to improve the efficiency and success of your email marketing materials.

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